Testimony Anna Consoli

A mission of love among the elderly

anna consoli movimento apostolicoSince I met the Apostolic Movement, 38 years ago, and I embraced its spirituality, being trained in the Gospel, I understood that every Christian must incarnate the words of Jesus with his own life. In this journey I perceived that the visit to the sick and the elderly, as well as the service in the parish Caritas cafeteria that I am carrying out for so many years, could be a charisma of mine to be put to use for the good of the brothers.
Since last year, with other members of the Apostolic Movement, coordinated by Fr Francesco Cristofaro, we have formed some groups for weekly or fortnightly visit of the sick and the elderly in retirement homes. My group visits the RSA Madonna of Porto facility in Gimigliano (CZ).
It is always nice to receive a great welcome from the elderly who at each visit time await us with joy. And the question they address us every time we leave is: “when are you coming back?” In the time that we spend with them we pray with the Holy Rosary that is animated with the guitars by some young people who accompany us, then we sing and improvise some games, but above all, we give a great deal of smiles and words of comfort in particular to those who cannot reach us in the big hall but remain in bed due to health problems.
I think that all of us should rediscover the beauty and greatness of voluntary work that allows us believers to make a personal experience of Jesus Christ, as the inspirer of the Apostolic Movement has always taught and recommended us. There is Christ in the sick, in the poor and in the suffering. He was the first one to serve humanity by giving his life for the good of all. I address an invitation: let us employ the time the Lord gives us to do many good works.

Anna Consoli
A consecrated in the Institute Mary Mother of the Redemption