Testimony Sonia Magro

sonia magroFor some time now the Apostolic Movement has committed itself to offering a voluntary service in various structures for the elderly. As an adherent of the same movement, I have also started this experience for some months at the Father Pius Oasis retirement home in Catanzaro.
We are a nice group that every second and fourth Wednesday of the month offers some of its time to make someone smile! I do not deny that the first time I went I was a bit embarrassed because, finding myself in front of not only disabled but also many lonely people, I did not know what I could say or do for them.
It was a new situation for me. Then, putting myself in prayer, I asked Jesus and Our Lady for help and I understood that I had to be simply myself with my gifts. And that is how it was. Every time we meet for me it’s like a feast!
I try to bring them the joy and happiness that accompanies me, to give a handshake and a smile. Together we enjoy singing, especially songs that recall their youth and often accompanying them with the guitar. Sometimes we also do some dancing… Other times we play riddles or mimic proverbs or ways of saying and it all ends in a big laugh!
In the eyes of someone sometimes I read a great suffering due not only to the disease… the worst of evils is often loneliness… being away from home… from the affections… from what once was their life.
In my little way I try to bring some hope to their hearts, reminding them that Jesus and the Virgin Mary never abandon us, that we must not feel alone for they are always beside us.
When the parting time comes, they thank us affectionately and look forward to the next meeting. Every time I ask myself if I was able to give anything… but I always end up thanking God because the one that received the most of anything is me. I go back home leaving a little bit of my heart there with them because they are special people who despite their age still have a lot to give and maybe they are not even aware of it….

Sonia Magro