Auxiliary Bishop of Rome East Sector
(Rome Auditorium Conciliazione – 02 December, 2009)


“The reason why I said yes to the Apostolic Movement is precisely because this respects a local community. In a well built community, with a tradition or some experience, the Movement enters on tiptoe, it gets in where it is truly needed.”
Your Excellency, with these words addressed by you to the Apostolic Movement, in the St. Roman Martyr Parish a few years ago, on my own behalf and of all the Movement, I offer you the warmest welcome. I greet with fondness all the members of the Apostolic Movement gathered here from every part of Italy and abroad, and all the authorities present, of all levels.
Excellency, I thank you first of all for the respect that you have shown towards the Apostolic Movement, which you have met personally, on the occasion of your coming to Catanzaro in 2002. However, an even greater thanks, for having agreed to chair this our IV National Congress, the first we offer here in Rome, the heart of Christianity and glorious Church which presides in charity. The evangelizing mission of the Apostolic Movement and the new evangelization: this is the theme I want to reflect on today with a heart full of joy for the words of encouragement that the Holy Father has addressed us this morning during the hearing. It brings us into the being and heart of the mission of the Movement. The new evangelization, so desired and promoted by John Paul II, is that intuition, which subsequently became orientation of announcement pastoral, in which our specific mission is fully realized.
The Holy Father Benedict XVI, on the occasion of the presentation and delivery of the “Letter on the urgent duty of education” to the Diocese of Rome, affirmed that the Church feels a great educational emergency and a pressing need to offer to the new generations educational itineraries of faith for the development of the Christian life. The Pope also exhorted all the components of the Church, ecclesial movements included, to be sincere and courageous witnesses of Christ’s truth that makes every man free. Moved precisely by the same intent, the Movement has pursued for several years its own mission.
That is why, Your Excellency, I witness to you with simplicity that the Apostolic Movement, supported and encouraged by the testimony and words of exhortation of its Inspirer, Mrs. Maria Marino, for thirty years has completely been leaning out towards the education to the faith and to the Christian life formation . According to its own charisma it carries out the evangelizing mission it was entrusted with, focusing on the gifts of grace and responsibility of every member. By putting the Word in “movement” with the proclamation, catechesis, preaching and prayer, as you have often said, the Apostolic Movement involves with joy and enthusiasm in the journey of faith, while respecting the freedom of others.
It is devoted to offer its own contribution to the good of the Church and the world, since it lives its charisma of remembrance and proclamation of the Gospel in communion with the other ecclesial realities, for the edification of the whole Church, striving to unify in its daily mission the language of the word with that of fraternal charity.
Let us entrust Your Person to the Mother of the Redemption, the Angels and Saints. Let them be the ones to protect you in your Episcopal ministry, so that through your teaching and witness of life, the light of Christ continues to shine in the hearts of men.

Rome, 02 December 2009

The President of the Apostolic Movement
Cettina Marraffa