Testimony Maurizio Chillà

When I first entered a nursing home, I found myself in front of people suffering both in the body and soul who in their own way tried to communicate with me. However, I felt like a fish out of water unable to take any initiative. When I returned home, my heart was in turmoil and I did nothing but reflect on how I should have behaved in that context to give a little joy to those brothers who were living a difficult period of their lives.
I kept on going to visit them, giving them a smile, singing a song and helping those who could not feed themselves.
With time I have understood that this is my way and that it is not me who gives them some of my time, but it is all of them that give so much to me.
Today I am part of a group of volunteers of the Apostolic Movement who periodically visits a nursing home in the municipality of Gimigliano (CZ) and therefore, I can testify that all of this fills me with joy, a joy that frees from every earthly thought and allows me to live the daily life serenely, in the awareness that life is beautiful and the Lord is always with me.

Maurizio Chillà