Lord Jesus Christ,
you who are the light of the world
and the King of heaven and earth,
come to our help,
stretch out your hand over us,
support who is tired and vacillating;
sustain who is sad and suffering,
give solace to the wretched and sick,
help the persecuted due to your name.
The grace we ask of you
is the conversion of the hearts.
May everyone of us walk
on you way
with a rightful conscience.
Lord, Son of David, have mercy on us!
Do not abandon us!
Forgive our sins
and, with a tender and pure heart,
moved by the Holy Spirit,
we will feed on your Body and your Blood.
Sanctified by your grace,
we will return the glory
to our Father who is in heaven,
to him who is saint, good, eternal,
just and merciful.


With ecclesiastical approval and with partial
indulgence every time one says it.
†Vincenzo Rimedio, Bishop
Nicastro, 5-5-1999

Oh Mary,
you who stayed under the cross
of your Crucified Son Jesus,
for your seven pains,
for your suffering,
intercede for me!
Do so that I really
may look at the Cross of Jesus
without sin.
Do so, oh Mary,
that my body turns away from sin.
Do so, oh Mary,
that my soul,
my heart be yours, all yours.
Oh Mary,
whenever my Father wants it,
I want to come to your light.
For this I want to be truly yours.
Oh Mary,
guide me on a good way: on the way of goodness
and drive me away from evil.

Three Glory be to the Father
Mother of the Redemption, pray for us


One gains partial indulgence every time he says it.
Approved, Nicastro 26-2-1984
†Vincenzo Rimedio, Bishop