Metropolitan Archbishop of Catanzaro – Squillace

(Catanzaro: Politeama Theatre -10 May 2006)



Your Excellency,

The Italian Church is kept busy, in this time, in preparing its fourth National Convention to be held in Verona next October, on the theme: “Witnesses of risen Jesus, hope of the World”.
This is what the theme of reflection in preparation to the Convention points out: “The encounter with the Risen is a relationship experience. The missionary action of the Church is not meant to say “other” or go “beyond” Jesus Christ, but to lead men to him. The way is only one: a “spiritual” relationship, capable of transforming the personal and social life. The mystery of the Church, the meaning of her gestures and her actions, the strength of her testimony have the task of introducing men to a live relationship with the Risen One.” This was and is the mission of the Apostolic Movement. In fact, the historical moment that we are going to live in these days is a fruit ripened in the daily “yes”, of our Inspirer – Founder Mrs. Maria Marino, through whom the Apostolic Movement was founded in Catanzaro on November 3, 1979.
From her “yes” sprang initially a small spring, a thin spring that gradually, over the years has become increasingly larger and larger until it became a great river. Now it is beginning to flood the whole earth, bringing, where it comes, the Word of Jesus Christ.
Your Excellency, all these good results are delivered to your pastoral care. I am in your hands, since you are the Shepherd, Teacher and Bishop, placed by God to bear this particular Church, the cradle in which the Apostolic Movement was founded, but also a garden in which it was planted to make its branches reach to the extreme boundaries of the earth .
My thanks for your Persona is true and sincere. To her the Apostolic Movement because it relies on safe driving, some light of truth, true witness of the risen Jesus. She supported and encouraged by the Church can live the mission that was entrusted to us.

To all of you who wanted to participate in this first National Convention of the Apostolic Movement: Most Excellent Bishops, Civil and Military Authorities, Most Reverend Priests, male and female Religious persons, representatives of groups, movements and associations, holy people of God, I extend my personal thanks together with that of the Inspirer, of the Committee and of all the Apostolic Movement.
May the Virgin Mary, Mother of the Redemption, obtain us from Her Son Jesus a special blessing, so that these days are particularly rich in grace, for the greater good of the Church. May the angels and saints accompany us and protect us from heaven.

Catanzaro May 10, 2006

Cettina Marraffa
President of the Apostolic Movement