Metropolitan Archbishop of Reggio Calabria – Bova

(Catanzaro: Politeama Theatre – 11 May 2006)



Welcome to all on this second day of the first National Convention of the Apostolic Movement.

Most reverend Excellency, Your presence among us is a great joy for all the Apostolic Movement. Together with you we write another page in our history, which is a history of the Body of Christ.
This our first National Meeting is in view of the IV Ecclesial Convention which will be held in Verona next October.
The Apostolic Movement, founded in Catanzaro on November 3, 1979 by Mrs. Maria Marino, in its heart has a single goal: proclaiming and announcing the Word of Jesus. It is our desire to invite every man to the conversion and faith, in which, You Bishops , in communion with the Supreme Pontiff, edify us in order to carry out the will of the Father, according to fullness of truth, towards which the Spirit of God leads us.
The heart of Jesus and the heart of the Virgin Mary, need our hearts for redemption to take place in the whole world. Our will is firm, determined: we offer ourselves to the Lord and his Mother in order to be instruments of grace and truth, and lead every man into the Church of Christ. We want to live our witness to the “Risen Christ, Hope of the World”, in obedience to the Church and her Shepherds, for the realization of the one mission of salvation for all humanity.
Excellency, we are deeply grateful for the support and encouragement you were able to manifest us, graciously accepting the pastoral-catechetical service the Apostolic Movement offers in your Archdiocese. Your authoritative presence in this meeting and the kind words addressed us last May 5 at the presentation of the musical “Under your shadow a song” at the Cilea Theatre in Reggio Calabria; are a confirmation. During that meeting, thanking the Apostolic Movement for the beautiful catechesis offered in the form of a sacred play, you defined it “a proclamation of hope,” recalling that it is our mission to announce Christ “in an authentic, true and earnest way.”
My personal thanks along with those of the Inspirer, the Committee and of all the Apostolic Movement to all of you who wanted to participate in this first National Convention of the Apostolic Movement: Excellences the Bishops, Civil and Military Authorities, Reverend Priests, male and female Religious Persons, representatives of groups, movements and associations, the Holy People of God.
May the Virgin Mary, Mother of the Redemption, protect your person, your Excellency, and obtain from her Son Jesus every grace. May the angels and the saints guard you with great love.

Cettina Marraffa
President of the Apostolic Movement

Catanzaro May 11, 2006