Kurt Koch
Bishop of Basel





Ennio Carioti
Italian Catholic Mission

Soletta, Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, 2008

Dear Father Ennio,

You paid me a visit last 8 July with single members of the Mission and presented me the “Apostolic Movement”. Having examined the documents you submitted me, I notice that the principal perspective the “Apostolic Movement” places itself in – together with other movements and spiritual currents – is that of the evangelisation and of the close examination of the faith. This way, it corresponds to one of the primordial tasks of our Church and also to a big necessity of the present pastoral situation.

After having had a consultation with the Auxiliary Bishop Monsignor Martin Gachter, responsible of the Foreign language Missions, and with the Episcopal Vicar Don Ruedi Heim; with the present letter, I am glad to communicate you that I acknowledge the “Apostolic Movement”

for a five year try out period.

This expiry term, will offer you, before the end of the five years, the possibility of referring me on the experiences you have acquired in the meantime; so that a final recognition may then be passed.

I strongly hope the “Apostolic Movement” may enrich the Italian Catholic Mission’s ecclesial life and give an invaluable contribution to the search of the Christian faith in the Church community. I thank whoever commits himself in this “Apostolic Movement”; and I thank you for your efforts in view of a good cooperation within the Deanery, as well as with the other movements and spiritual currents.

Wishing you and all the faithful of the Italian Catholic Mission all sorts of good things and God blessing, I give you my kindest regards.

Bishop of Basel